Maryland Firearm Applications

“Disqualifying Crimes” take guns out of your reach. If you have been convicted of a “disqualifying crime”, Maryland will refuse to permit you to possess a registered firearm. Do you know what that means? It means that even misdemeanor convictions that are decades old can keep you from owning a firearm. “Disqualifying crimes” include any
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Arrested for DUI?

–Protect your driver’s license with immediate legal advice When someone is charged with DUI, the first thought is what is going to happen in court. An arrest for DUI involves more than just a court appearance. Your driver’s license is in jeopardy. In nearly all DUI arrests, your driver’s license is taken by the police
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The Value of a Clean Criminal Record

—Maryland’s Second Chance Act Picture this—Ocean City, 1992—Joe is celebrating Senior Week.  He has had too much to drink and is charged with disorderly conduct.  He pays a fine and thinks that it’s over.  It’s far from over.  Records of this old misdemeanor are readily available on a Maryland database and are used by employers
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