Maryland Firearm Applications

“Disqualifying Crimes” take guns out of your reach.

If you have been convicted of a “disqualifying crime”, Maryland will refuse to permit you to possess a registered firearm. Do you know what that means? It means that even misdemeanor convictions that are decades old can keep you from owning a firearm. “Disqualifying crimes” include any “crimes of violence”, any felony or any misdemeanor that carries a statutory penalty of more than two years. Did you know that burglary is considered a “crime of violence”? Did you know that even if you just paid a fine for an assault charge, that conviction would disqualify you? And, did you know that when you file an application for a firearm, you have sworn under penalty of perjury that you have never been convicted of a “disqualifying crime”? And if you signed the application without knowing all that, not only could you be banned from owning a firearm, you may also have committed a criminal offense that could land you in jail.

Check with the people that know. Salvatore & Morton has attorneys with decades of experience translating the complicated firearms laws. And, Salvatore & Morton can help make sure that you know what convictions will prevent you from owning a gun in Maryland.