I contacted Mr. Morton after my husband left me and said he wanted a divorce.  I was confused, scared and needed someone to explain the Separation and Divorce processes to me.  Mr. Morton did just that from day one.  He led me through the construction of the Separation Agreement and the negotiations of it with my ex-husband and his attorney.  Even though I did not want to be fair at times, Mr. Morton expertly talked me though the law and what was acceptable and what might not be looked at favorably in the eyes of the courts.  Mr. Morton was always a phone call or email away when I had questions or concerns.  Both he and his office staff were friendly and caring, offering a listening ear when needed.  I felt blessed to have had such a devoted and compassionate attorney handling my case, looking out for my best interest and leading me through this traumatic life event.


While going through a stressful and contested divorce, Mr. Morton enabled me to keep a level head and fought diligently for me throughout the entire process.  His deep understanding of Maryland law helped to avoid unnecessary conflicts and enabled us to focus our efforts towards beneficial outcomes that were advantageous to myself and my children.  Mr. Morton consistently kept my best interest in mind throughout the divorce and custody proceedings - I can highly recommend him for divorce and/or custody issues.


I have been a professional builder in Virginia for over 30 years. I have dealt with multiple law firms over this period, and have established long lasting relationships with some of the best attorneys and firms in our area. I had an unfortunate incident occur at Hagerstown Airport last year and was in need of a good attorney located in that area.

I contacted one of the attorneys in which I had a trusting relationship. He began to research and contacted one of his colleagues from the Hagerstown area for a referral. That colleagues response came quickly and without hesitation. His recommendation for this case was John Salvatore.

I had multiple meetings with Mr. Salvatore and he was completely professional, up front and forthright about my situation. He explained all of the options and immediately formulated a strategy to handle my case. This type of case had never happened in the Hagerstown jurisdiction’s history. This was uncharted waters for the Hagerstown court system. Mr. Salvatore was organized, prepared and 100 percent accurate on the direction of the court proceedings.

The defense that Mr. Salvatore provided was spot on. I had no charges brought against me and the end result was exactly what he and I had discussed and had hoped.

Mr. John Salvatore has impeccable credentials. He is well respected within the community and is one of the most professional attorneys I have ever dealt with.

I personally would recommend Mr. Salvatore and his law firm to anyone without question.


I have been using Salvatore & Boyer, LLC since 2013 to collect bad debt. Every account I’ve given them they’ve collected.  I am extremely satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them to others.

McLaughlin’s Heating Service, Inc.

When we were getting ready to open our business, we hired the attorneys at Salvatore & Boyer, LLC to take care of the necessary paperwork to get us up and running – drafting our Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement, as well as handling the necessary State and federal filings.  We were so pleased with their work that we retained them again, several months later, when our growing business had new legal needs.  We needed a unique contract, and they worked with us to draft one that met our needs and protected our business. We would recommend that you consult with them for any of your business needs.

Hub City Family Practice hubcityfamilypractice.com/

Mr. John Salvatore is the best man in town. 100 percent. He took my case on and got me the help I needed for an addiction that I could not shake on my own. He is up front and hones and will work his tail off for you. I was looking at some serious time and he was able to help me stay out of jail to continue my treatment. I now have a wonderful family, own my own home, vehicles, etc. I owe it all to this man. Not only did he keep me out of jail. More importantly, I believe that Mr. Salvatore saved my life. I know if I ever need a lawyer again to discuss any legal issues or anything I will not hesitate to call him again. His service is the best you will find. He is great man who will live in my heart forever!!

Colby H

I wanted to send this letter to express my sincerest gratitude to Mr.  Jason Morton, of Salvatore & Morton, for the fine work he did handling my recent divorce.

Mr. Morton was incredibly patient with me as the process took on many twists and turns, and dragged on and on.  He was incredibly knowledgeable and always level headed, even as I thought at times I was going to lose my patience with the process.

He was always quick to reply to my many e-mails and when not able to immediately take a call, which he often was actually able to do, I always got a call back in a very timely manner.  I always felt that I had an excellent lawyer and I was not alone during even the lowest parts of the proceedings.  I even recall one instance where he was in contact with me while out of the office tending to a medical issue relating to a family member.  He didn’t have to do that, but he did.

Mr. Morton also provided me with something more than just spot on legal advice.  He helped me as a person to think about things differently.  He was a very calming influence and I would often comment to him that he was also like a life coach in many ways.  Those attributes really helped me during the legal process and in many other parts of my life, outside of the legal realm, and I will take them with me wherever my journey leads.  I am very grateful for that.

I am also thankful and comforted to know that I can call on him again for anything I might need.

Mr. Morton is a damn fine lawyer.


I can't express the appreciation and respect that I have for Mr. Salvatore. He restored my outlook on life beyond measure. I still can’t believe it was even possible. I walked into court thinking this was the end. I faced 6 different charges including a DUI/DWI and the cased was dismissed. If you’re looking for the best legal representation.....Mr. Salvatore is definitely your man!!


I got charged with drug related crimes. He helped find me a court approved rehab before court. He spent a lot of time he did not have to talking to me about my life and addiction. If he was not a lawyer he will make a good addiction counselor. My view on lawyers changed after that. He is not about the money like most lawyers. I only got 1 charge out of 8 the police were trying to give me ... 7 were thrown out for illegal search for questioning me at the hospital after an overdose. He will be my lawyer of choice till he retires.


John Salvatore simply is the best lawyer I've ever met! Not only did he expertly know the law and communicate it in the court, he knows the business of being a lawyer of having respectable and professional relationships with all members of the court. I couldn't be happier and am very thankful to have found him and his firm. The staff behind John are just as helpful and great and I appreciate them just as much. Thank you

Adam O.