DE FACTO PARENTHOOD – Court of Appeals Opinion

A new case decided in Maryland’s highest court may have far-reaching implications for third parties seeking custody of or visitation with children. Michelle and Brittany Conover, a lesbian couple, divorced, and Michelle, the non-biological parent, sought visitation with Brittany’s child.  The child was conceived and born prior to the marriage of the parties.  The child
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The Opioid Epidemic—a Personal Connection – Governor Hogan allocates $3 million to combat heroin addiction

  Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has allocated $3 million in additional state funds in an effort to battle heroin addiction.  The state’s Heroin & Opioid Emergency Task Force recommended two programs which will benefit from this funding.  Heroin coordinator positions will be established in 18 law enforcement agencies throughout the state.  These coordinators will make
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“Limited Social Host Liability” A major shift in Maryland law

  You’re injured by a drunk driver and you have medical bills.   If the drunk driver can’t pay, can you sue the person who served the alcohol? The answer in the State of Maryland has always been “no”.  Maryland was one of the last states to deny a claim against a server of alcohol.  This
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