VETERAN’S COURT – Going the extra mile for Maryland’s veterans

This is a true story, veteran’s court.  After tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, the marine came home.  Immediately he was overwhelmed with symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The squeaky-clean soldier found relief in prescription painkillers.  Addiction to painkillers drove him to injecting heroin.  His marriage broke up and his family disowned him.  He lost his job and became homeless and broke.  Out of desperation and confusion, the soldier forged and cashed checks.  The marine who sacrificed everything was charged with felony forgery charges.

Homelessness, substance abuse, disability and mental and physical illness are just some of the overwhelming conditions that prevent our veterans from success.   In October of 2015, the District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City launched its first Veteran’s Treatment Docket.  Veterans eligible to participate in this voluntary and treatment-based course gain assistance in helping. The Veteran’s Court helps veterans access their well-earned benefits such as medical treatment and housing.

At Salvatore & Morton, LLC, we take pride in assisting military veterans.  We understand the unique problems and challenges that veterans face when they return home.  We support our troops, honor their service and show our gratitude by serving those who have sacrificed everything.  Let us serve you.  Call  Salvatore & Morton today.