The Value of a Clean Criminal Record

Maryland’s Second Chance Act

Picture this—Ocean City, 1992—Joe is celebrating Senior Week.  He has had too much to drink and is charged with disorderly conduct.  He pays a fine and thinks that it’s over.  It’s far from over.  Records of this old misdemeanor are readily available on a Maryland database and are used by employers to weed out “undesirables”.  Because of this one minor incident, Joe can’t even get a job interview, even though he is the best candidate for the job.

Maryland lawmakers want people like Joe to get a second chance.

As of October 1, 2015, people convicted of certain non-violent misdemeanors will have the opportunity to have records of their offenses shielded.

Shielding means that records are removed from the public view.  The purpose of this new law is to make it easier for people who have old convictions to get a job, attend college, or obtain necessary services.  Shielding can only be granted once in a lifetime, so it’s advisable to contact an attorney to make sure it is done right.

Salvatore & Morton can help. We understand the law and we know what crimes can be shielded.  We know how, when and where to file your petition.  We know how to construct a petition that will give you the best chance for shielding and we can represent your interests if a hearing is required.

You deserve a second chance.  Get it done right.[1]

[1] Guide for Shielding of Maryland Second Chance Act Records, CC-DC-CR-148A.