December 12, 2017

I wanted to send this letter to express my sincerest gratitude to Mr.  Jason Morton, of Salvatore & Morton, for the fine work he did handling my recent divorce.

Mr. Morton was incredibly patient with me as the process took on many twists and turns, and dragged on and on.  He was incredibly knowledgeable and always level headed, even as I thought at times I was going to lose my patience with the process.

He was always quick to reply to my many e-mails and when not able to immediately take a call, which he often was actually able to do, I always got a call back in a very timely manner.  I always felt that I had an excellent lawyer and I was not alone during even the lowest parts of the proceedings.  I even recall one instance where he was in contact with me while out of the office tending to a medical issue relating to a family member.  He didn’t have to do that, but he did.

Mr. Morton also provided me with something more than just spot on legal advice.  He helped me as a person to think about things differently.  He was a very calming influence and I would often comment to him that he was also like a life coach in many ways.  Those attributes really helped me during the legal process and in many other parts of my life, outside of the legal realm, and I will take them with me wherever my journey leads.  I am very grateful for that.

I am also thankful and comforted to know that I can call on him again for anything I might need.

Mr. Morton is a damn fine lawyer.