Anonymous Builder

April 5, 2016

I have been a professional builder in Virginia for over 30 years. I have dealt with multiple law firms over this period, and have established long lasting relationships with some of the best attorneys and firms in our area. I had an unfortunate incident occur at Hagerstown Airport last year and was in need of a good attorney located in that area.

I contacted one of the attorneys in which I had a trusting relationship. He began to research and contacted one of his colleagues from the Hagerstown area for a referral. That colleagues response came quickly and without hesitation. His recommendation for this case was John Salvatore.

I had multiple meetings with Mr. Salvatore and he was completely professional, up front and forthright about my situation. He explained all of the options and immediately formulated a strategy to handle my case. This type of case had never happened in the Hagerstown jurisdiction’s history. This was uncharted waters for the Hagerstown court system. Mr. Salvatore was organized, prepared and 100 percent accurate on the direction of the court proceedings.

The defense that Mr. Salvatore provided was spot on. I had no charges brought against me and the end result was exactly what he and I had discussed and had hoped.

Mr. John Salvatore has impeccable credentials. He is well respected within the community and is one of the most professional attorneys I have ever dealt with.

I personally would recommend Mr. Salvatore and his law firm to anyone without question.