Opiate Addiction: It’s Called an Epidemic for a Reason

–Don’t be the next victim of opiate addiction

Thousands of people throughout the State die every year from opiate addiction overdoses. In Washington County alone there have been 20 heroin overdoses since the beginning of February.  The proximity of Washington County to the “Heroin Highway”(Interstate 70 from Baltimore to Interstate 81) results in greater dangers to our county.  Governor Larry Hogan has officially recognized the heroin epidemic that is taking the lives of people throughout Maryland.  The use of the word “epidemic” is intentional—opiate addiction is a disease that has widely and rapidly spread and now affects a disproportionately large number of people in our community.  Heroin addiction is often the cause of serious criminal offenses that would never have occurred but for the disease of addiction.

The staff and attorneys at Salvatore & Morton understand the disease of addiction and the terrible results.  Our staff and attorneys are sensitive to drug and substance abuse issues that are frequently the root cause of criminal behavior.  We support recovery efforts and we can help.

Don’t be the next victim.  Get the help you need.  Call Salvatore & Morton today.