This has been a tragedy-filled week for our nation, and particularly for the city of Orlando.  As our nation figures out how to move forward, inevitably some people start to ask the question, “Who is liable?”  There is an increasing desire in this society to have someone be found legally culpable, whether criminally or civilly.  And as a lawyer myself, I’m sure you’re expecting me to vigorously agree.

But believe it or not, my years of practicing law have taught me that lawsuits are seldom the salve that heals all wounds.  Particularly in matters involving the heart.  Lawsuits are frequently drawn-out, messy, emotionally taxing, and seldom produce the level of closure that is desired at the onset.  Sometimes the most compassionate advice that a lawyer can give is to suggest that you go home and grieve.

So rather than give my legal opinion, or weigh in on who is responsible, my legal advice to you this week is to go home and grieve.  Go home and hug your loved ones.  Go make memories.  Be kind to one another.  Avoid the online forums debating who is right and who is wrong.  There will be plenty of opportunities to cast blame in the future, but right now we need to take the time to heal.