Chantix and Criminal Responsibility

Chantix is an FDA-approved prescription medication that is touted to help individuals quit smoking.  The drug has been reported to have some serious side-effects, including vivid dreams, suicidal thoughts and actions, depression, hostility, and other behavioral changes.  However, it generally has a good reputation for its ability to assist with smoking cessation.  Are the benefits
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This has been a tragedy-filled week for our nation, and particularly for the city of Orlando.  As our nation figures out how to move forward, inevitably some people start to ask the question, “Who is liable?”  There is an increasing desire in this society to have someone be found legally culpable, whether criminally or civilly. 
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John Salvatore Secures Probation in DUI Case

John Salvatore defended a Boonsboro woman charged with DUI involving an accident in which her boyfriend, who was riding in the car with her was seriously injured.